Persian Noor Isfahan Manufacturing Company started its activity in 2008 with the aim of producing energy-efficient lamps and LED lights. The products of this company include various types of LED ceiling and pendant lights, spotlights, linear lights, as well as electrical tapes under the brand name of Persian Noor.

Persian Noor has produced a wide range of lighting products by employing skilled personnel and relying on their technical expertise. By using innovative methods in production and having experienced experts, the company has become one of the approved manufacturers by the National Standard Organization.

Persian Noor is moving forward in producing lighting products by relying on skilled and capable human resources and upgrading their scientific and technical knowledge while adhering to environmental management standards and using modern technologies to optimize their research.

In order to improve its performance, this company has a well-equipped, accurate and modern laboratory with experienced personnel to ensure compliance of products with the relevant standards and having a certificate of approval from the partner laboratory named Aria Noor Mehr of Isfahan, succeeded in obtaining various certificates, including obtaining a standard  Compulsory and encouraging licences  for all products and compliance with national and international standards and the certificate of the partner laboratory of the national standardized organization.